Digestive Health & Nausea

  • Aciphex (Generic)

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    Generic Aciphex (Rabeprazole Sodium) is the most trusted name in acid reflex relief! Generic Aciphex is made to heal the most common symptoms associated with acid reflex, including: intense heart burn, belching, and irritable throat. Generic Aciphex is classified as a proton pump inhibitor. Just one tablet daily will reduce the amount of acid in the stomach, resulting in less heartburn and irritation to the esophagus.

    *Aciphex ® is registered trademark used by Eisai Inc. and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

  • Carafate (Generic)

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    Generic Carafate (Sucralfate) is a unique oral drug that is used for treating ulcers of the upper gastrointestinal tract. Generic Carafate offers highly effective treatment of ulcers, and is one of the top prescribed medications by doctors today.

    *Carafate® is manufactured by Aventis Pharmaceuticals.

  • Dulcolax (Generic)

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    Generic Dulcolax is a stimulant laxative that helps provide relief from uncomfortable constipation and occasional irregular bowel movements. For over 50 years, Dulcolax has been helping people restore regular bowel activity, and now one of the most trusted names in laxatives is available in a cost-effective generic version.

    *Dulcolax® is a registered trademark of Boehringer Ingelheim.

  • Imodium (Generic)

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    Generic Imodium (loperamide) is an oral tablet that is made to stop diarrhea and restore healthy stool transmission. Generic Imodium helps to restore stability in your digestive system so that you can go about your day without worrying about the sudden need to locate a restroom. Stop diarrhea and the embarrassment that comes along with it with Generic Imodium.

    *Imodium® is a registered trademark of McNEIL-PPC, Inc.

  • Motilium (Generic)

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    Generic Motilium (domperidone) is an antidopaminergic medicine that is used to surpress the feelings of nausea and vomiting. It increases the movements or contractions of the stomach and bowel. Its active ingredient domperidone is also used to treat side effects of other drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease.

    *Motilium® is manufactured by Janssen Cilag.

  • Nexium (Generic)

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    Nexium (Esomeprazole) is a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) used to treat heartburn, or gastroesophageal reflux. It may be used in combination with two antibiotics to treat helicobacter pylori (h. Pylori infection and duodenal ulcers. It may also be used to treat other conditions as determined by your doctor. Generic Nexium provides round-the-clock heartburn relief with just one pill a day!

    *Nexium® is a registered trademark of Astra-Zeneca.

  • Prevacid (Generic)

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    Prevacid (Lansoprazole) is used to treat ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), erosive esophagitis, or Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. Lansoprazole may also be used to treat ulcers due to long-term use of certain pain/anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Generic Prevacid is a cost-saving medication prescribed by medical physicians worldwide.

    *Prevacid® is a registered trademark of Novartis.

  • Protonix (Generic)

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    Protonix (Pantoprazole) prevents the production of acid in the stomach. Protonix is highly effective. In most patients, stomach acid secretion drops 85 to 95 percent after a single week of treatment. Generic Protonix is the number one PPI product used to treat, heal & maintain erosive acid reflux.

    *Protonix® is a registered trademark of Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories.

  • Reglan (Generic)

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    Reglan (Metoclopramide) increases the contractions of the stomach and small intestine, helping the passage of food. For effective relief of heart burn and numerous other symptoms, order Generic Reglan today!

    *Reglan® is manufactured by Schwarz Pharma.

  • Zantac (Generic)

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    Zantac (Ranitidine hydrochloride) is used to decrease the production of stomach acid, which may reduce irritation to the stomach lining and help heal ulcers and other gastrointestinal conditions.

    *Zantac® is a registered trademark of GSK.